Golden Nugget Leads The Way On Responsible Gaming Branding Among NJ Online Casinos


Golden Nugget is the runaway revenue leader in the New Jersey online casinos market, but that’s not the only front it’s leading on.
The online gambling site has also been singled out by the Rutgers University Center for Gambling Studies for its responsible gaming branding.

Golden Nugget leads the way

In a 2015 report on online gambling in New Jersey, Rutgers researchers recommended New Jersey sites use a uniform responsible gaming logo.
In a recently released report on 2016, Rutgers concluded:
“Only one provider – Golden Nugget – produced the logo in the required colors (both logged in and logged out) at the top of the page in a size that a patron could identify. We would urge the DGE to revisit and revise the branding requirements, using the Golden Nugget deployment as a model.”
The Rutgers report went on to point out:
“Overall, there was variation in branding across sites during this initial period… A majority of providers reduced the logo to a size that makes it impossible to read the words “Responsible Gaming” and buried the logo at the bottom of the screen amid other financial and business logos.
That still seems to be the case, although it seems that at some point since the 2016 Rutgers’ report Golden Nugget moved the logo from the top of the screen to the bottom. To its credit, Golden Nugget’s RG logo is still the only one that is easily readable.

No evidence that RG logo placement hurt business
Why the majority of online casino sites in New Jersey are avoiding prominently displaying these logos is anyone’s guess.
It certainly doesn’t seem to be having a negative effect on business. Golden Nugget has the most visible logo and is the runaway revenue leader in the market. Meanwhile, Tropicana has the least prominent RG logo and brings up the rear when it comes to revenue.
Here’s March 2018 online gambling revenue by operator:

  • Golden Nugget and subbrands: $8,655,240
  • Borgata and subbrands: $4,583,234
  • Caesars and subbrands: $4,412,034
  • Resorts and subbrands: $4,234,904
  • Tropicana and subrands: $3,694,798

Correlation doesn’t equal causation. But there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that a prominently displayed RG logo is going to cost you customers. And if it did, are those the customers you want?

Gamer Psychology Explained – Why Do People Play

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, so in turn, a look at gamer psychology is, taking a deeper look at the behaviour of gamers and coming to point of being able to understand the driving force behind the ways and means in which gamers tend to do things.

The most important question would be: what is it the makes the gamer want to play their favourite online slots casino game, their favourite video game, and the like?

According to Nick Yee, a behavioural scientist, there are three main components to consider that have been identified which may act as motivation for the gamer entering into gameplay mode.

The Achievement Component
Wanting to advance in any given game, while effectively adhering to the rules of engagement of the said game.

The Social Component
This component is driven by the gamers need to want to interact with others and form relative, as well as relatable connections

The Immersion Component
This is the motivator which seeks to exist and operate (by immersing themselves) within a world of fantasy and in a realm quite different to their everyday lives.

The fact that gamers also thrive on a certain level of autonomy during gameplay is also an important aspect that factors into the psyche of the game.

What is clear is that this feeling is often most sought-after, which in turn results in repeated gameplay moments, time and again.

Looking at the physical factors that gamers experience during gameplay, as well as in an overall capacity, that gamers can easily thank their gaming prowess for, the following may occur within a gamer:

their visual attention is amplified
the iconic skill level is increased
the gamer may display great visuomotor co-ords
the gamer may experience that their spatial representation is on point
When it comes to online slots game players, the psychology behind their gameplay can be linked to many other (surprising) gambling factors as well.

Gambling research has shown that the mood of the gamer may determine their predilection to gamble on any given day. That is to say, when the gamer is in a good mood, they may tend to take more risks during gameplay. This type of psychological behaviour does indeed impact on the players want to continue playing accordingly.

Another aspect, often not thought of, is the fact that many times an online slots gamer will take to superstitions and player rituals in order to affect a positive gambling outcome. The fact that gambling is random, especially that online slots casino sites will make use of a Random Number Generator to ensure fair gameplay throughout makes for interesting gameplay.

An important factor for all players to consider would be to always play at legal insitutions, as this inevitably brings peace of mind to the gamer in question, allowing for the player to rest easy knowing that they are able to enjoy their gameplay in a safe and secure environment. A great online slots casino to opt for would be the mFortune gaming site. This particular casino is on par with keeping things in line with all gambling regulations, while remaining fully compliant with all the regulatory stipulations as laid out by the UKGC.

All in all, gamers that insist on having their regular gaming desires met, will surely return to any given gaming portal, online slots gambling site or video games platform because they received great entertainment value at the said gaming portal, each and every time.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to find that, thanks to their gaming penchant, that these gamers could walk away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and altogether ready to tackle their day ahead. Gaming is surely a great way to unwind and find that zen we’re all searching for.

Blackjack on Tour Fun Variants of the Classic Game

Head BJ

Is it possible to get bored of blackjack? Of course it isn’t – blackjack is and always will be one of the most entertaining casino games on the face of the earth.

As with most casino games, it’s the fact that the outcome is always completely random that makes the whole thing so enjoyable. Play thousands of hands of blackjack and you’re unlikely to see the same outcome twice. Not only this, but blackjack is also one of the simplest casino games to get into and is therefore perfect for all skill levels.

Plus, there’s the way in which blackjack can be dipped in and out of, even when you only got a few minutes to spare. Perfect for injecting welcome excitement into the afternoon commute!

Still, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a little variety into the mix here and there for good measure. Most casino games have any number of weird and wonderful alternative variations – blackjack being no exception to the rule. So if looking to spice things up with something a little different, there are plenty of fun variants of the classic game to try out.

They’re not always available at every online casino, but carry out a little research and you’ll easily find plenty of solid sites offering one or more of the following:

High Streak Blackjack

First up, High Streak Blackjack is considered an alternative version of the game, though is slowly but surely gaining traction all over the place. This is a real snowball of a game – mainly found at online casinos – which rewards runs, streaks and winning hands to an even greater extent than the traditional game. High Streak revolves around two decks, each shuffled after every electronic hand of play. Its main difference to regular blackjack is the presence of a side bet, which raises the stakes and introduces bonus pay-outs to those players lucky enough to find themselves on a roll. Next time you’re feeling lucky, play blackjack online at Super Casino to try your hand at this version. Get it right and you could be looking at even bigger wins than with the classic game. If not, you’ll still have a great time trying it out.

Blackjack Switch

Double your chances (sort of)! With Blackjack Switch, two hands are dealt to every playing position instead of one. Once received, each player can opt to swap the top card of either hand for the other. Each separate combo is then available for bets, victory and defeat. Bear in mind that in this game, two-card Ace and figure blackjacks are paid at even 1-1 odds, and, despite the extra cards at your disposal, the house maintains a considerable edge. Great for entertainment value, riskier for those hoping to win big. Not necessarily the best choice for newcomers to the game, as it does have a habit of getting a little confusing at first. As always, it’s best to learn the ropes at an online casino before heading out to the real thing, just so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Chinese Blackjack

Planning a trip abroad? Played mainly in Asia, Chinese blackjack maintains several key differences when compared to its more Western counterpart from across the seas. The Ace in particular sees a change in value, dependant on the number of cards a player has been dealt, and a five-card trick quite similar to that of Pontoon (we’ll come onto that later) can be played. Two decks of fifty-two cards are on the table, with usual player count somewhere in the region of five to six participants. Plenty of online casinos have started offering Chinese blackjack tables – some of which also benefit from live dealers. It’s largely a pretty similar fare to the standard game and therefore easy to pick up. Not to mention, hugely enjoyable.

Spanish 21

Say goodbye to the number ten! Spanish 21 removes all four number ten cards from every deck in play – picture cards included. Such a rule pushes odds significantly in the house’s favour, of course, but a litany of tweaks and incentives make up for the loss, such as bonus pay-outs for specific player hands. Easy to find both online and offline, this is fast paced and high-risk blackjack that encourages original thinking and a strategic approach. But at the same time, the most important thing to bear in mind is that with no tens in the deck, it immediately becomes considerably harder to beat the house. Potential wins may be higher, but your likelihood of taking anything home takes a decisive turn for the worse.


Last but not least, we have a version of blackjack played by adults and children of all ages across Great Britain. From China to Spain to the misty lands of England: Pontoon is the UK’s take on the game of blackjack, and it’s one the legendary Edward O Thorp wrote about. In this case, gamblers are unable to sit on cards less than fourteen – instead, they must continue to add cards to their hand until above such a total. You are, however, able to bet after doubling down, and a five-card trick (five dealt cards lower than twenty-one) guarantees victory over any other combination. With payouts relatively larger than the original game and variations between casinos, this is one of the more popular variants in existence. That is, unless you’re talking parents playing with their kids, in which case entirely unlikely you’ll see vast sums of money change hands!

Blackjack continues to evolve across the globe – there’s always something to keep it interesting, from these five iterations to a dozen more each as popular as the last. Why? Because at the end of the day it’s a balanced game. Equal parts skill, luck and fun. If blackjack is your game of choice, it’s definitely worth checking out the alternative options from time to time, just to see how things play out overseas. Especially given how easy it is to access an endless array of alternative blackjack variants online.

Gold777 Malaysia


Playtech has propelled another arrangement of space recreations Sporting Legends. The third title in the arrangement will be propelled in June to praise the FIFA World Cup being held in Russia. The video space will be titled World Cup Top Trumps. Playtech online gambling clubs like Omni Casino and Casino Tropez as of now have three football themed Top Trumps video spaces. While sitting tight for the better and brighter one look at what these three bring to the table. The joining aspect of Top Trumps is that the Gold777 Online Casino opening diversions include the correct similarities of the football stars as images on the reels. In Top Trumps Football Legends Playtech portrays the whizzes of yesteryears. Pele is the wild image. Different legends incorporate Charlton, Platini and Beckenbauer.

Top Trumps World Football Stars includes the present players at the time the opening diversion was discharged. The stars incorporate Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Andrey Schevchenko. With a specific end goal to influence the diversion play all the more intriguing players to need to pick two national groups from Brazil, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina. Three players from each group will show up as images. The players of one group will shape blends from left to right and those of the other group from ideal to left. Blends of a similar player will clearly pay. Indeed, even blended mix of players from a similar group will brings about payouts. The Gold777 Register Bonus groups likewise become possibly the most important factor in a reward amusement titled Pass the Ball. A football is passed around and you can win a 3x multiplier each time players hit it on reel 2 or reel 4.

Top Trumps Euro Stars was Gold777 Welcome Bonus discharged ahead of the pack up to UEFA Euro 2012. It includes probably the most mainstream European football stars like Henry Thierry of France, Rooney of England and Ronaldo of Portugal. A footballer is related with one of the low payout playing card symbols for a change. The Wild logo grants the most elevated line payouts. The other lucrative images are Top Trumps logo, football boots, football and shriek. The guide is a diffuse image and honors payouts increased by the aggregate wager when at least two show up anyplace on the reels. At least three of these images initiate the reward amusement. You select one of the extra images to uncover the underlying honor. At that point you tackle scoring an objective to win a multiplier that is connected to the Gold777 Casino Bonus bunderlying honor. The footballer outline image likewise grants diffuse payouts and naturally triggers a solitary free turn.

Few online gambling clubs

Are download club getting to be outdated? The appropriate response is “yes”. Truth be told there will be online gambling club players that have quite recently gone into this action who don’t comprehend what download clubhouse are. Before we take a gander at the purposes behind the decay of download club stages, we give a concise clarification of how they worked.

At the point when web based gaming was produced around 1995, it was on download stages. The player needed to get to the online gambling club site and download the product bundle from that point. The product must be Gold777 Casino Malaysia introduced on the player’s PC. The online gambling club diversions incorporated into the bundle would then be downloaded and put away alongside the product. As the product supplier discharged new recreations the document estimate on the player’s PC would continue expanding and devour more stockpiling.

In the end this began turning into an issue, particularly for players who bet at a few online gambling clubs. However, there was another more basic issue also. Download online gambling club stages were good with just Windows working framework. This prohibited clients of other working frameworks, eminently Mac, from taking Gold777 Register Bonus part in online club betting. As opposed to create distinctive stages for various working frameworks, online clubhouse programming suppliers went for a typical stage.

This was the manner by which the moment play online club stage appeared. Players did not need to download the product. They could choose the diversions from the online clubhouse site and open them in their programs. The amusements were put away in the servers of the online club programming supplier and did not influence the capacity limit on the player’s PC. In any case, the information exchange between the server and the player’s PC expanded numerous overlap.

In the underlying phases of moment play online club stages, the Internet associations for most of the general population were not sufficiently quick to take this heap. In this way, they were unwavering quality issues and the diversion play was frequently not smooth. Additionally, the diversion portfolio measure on the moment play Gold777 Welcome Bonus stages was substantially littler. Online club offered both download and moment play stages and let the player pick the one most appropriate to their requirements.

After some time the nature of moment play stages expanded significantly as did the speed of Internet associations. Programming suppliers additionally developed the titles on their moment play stages. The greatest lift came when moment play stages could be coordinated with the servers of different programming suppliers. This Gold777 Casino Bonus enabled players to bet on amusements from various programming suppliers at the same online gambling club. As a result of every one of these components the download stage has turned out to be out of date. A portion of the more established players may at present be utilizing the rest of the download stages, however all the new movement is on moment play.

Casino Malaysia

There are a couple of various sorts of roulette out there, and trying to blend things up and give players more alternatives, a considerable measure of clubhouse destinations offer smaller than usual roulette notwithstanding the typical Mega888 Casino Malaysia determination of American roulette and European roulette. While it’s outstanding that American roulette has more awful chances than the European style of the diversion, not a ton of players are sufficiently comfortable with the scaled down variant to have the capacity to state somehow. In any case, we’re here to disclose to you that you ought to stay away from smaller than expected roulette and adhere to the European form, and we will demonstrate to you why.


In the event that you put down a $100 wager on a straight-up bet in European roulette, at that point you will win $3500 an aggregate of 1/37 of the time, and you’ll lose $100 a sum of 36/37 of the time. Your incentive from winning is $94.59 while your incentive from losing is – $97.30, and this implies you will lose $2.70 by and large from this wager. It likewise implies that the house advantage on this wager is 2.7 percent which isn’t terrible Mega888 Casino Bonus considering that you don’t generally need to take in any exceptional aptitudes to play this amusement.


Presently consider the same $100 bet on a straight-up wager in smaller than usual roulette with its numbers 1-12 and a solitary green zero. Presently you have a 1/13 possibility of winning a payout of $1100, and you have a 12/13 shot of losing $100. Your incentive from winning this time is $84.62, and your incentive from losing is – $92.31. Your Mega888 Register Bonus normal misfortune will be $7.69 to demonstrate that this wager has a whooping 7.69 percent house advantage simply like the greater part of whatever remains of the wagers on little roulette.


There are three things we can gain from this representation. To begin with, it’s essential to affirm the estimation of your wagers when you attempt another amusement that doesn’t have much documentation. Second, you have to ensure that you maintain a strategic distance from wagers on smaller than expected roulette. Third, you don’t need to manage settling on clueless choices about which gambling club recreations to play Mega888 Welcome Bonus since we demonstrate to you what you have to know here on this site. Generally speaking, European roulette keeps on being the amusement that you should stay with in case you’re hoping to play this sort of diversion.

The way to play matka, typically known as satta

Satta is a vast phrase used to explain “making a bet” in India or Hindi. The sport of matka is from time to time referred to as satta interchangeably because of its early reputation. If you are concerned greater in “having a bet” on such things as sports activities or casino we recommend you test our homepage for greater topics about betting on-line in India.

In which to head for sattamatka on line for real money

Satta isn’t always currently criminal in India but it is despite the fact that huge business. Presently, we’ve got now not decided any relied on websites that offer sattamatka, but, as an opportunity you could want to bear in mind lottery. Lotteries have turn out to be more attractive on-line due to the truth they integrate all lotteries on an worldwide degree so those from India can leverage their bets by means of way of handiest choosing lottery cards in which the jackpot is the largest. India has a distinctly small lottery jackpot even as America and European worldwide places have jackpots generally in the one hundred’s of thousands and hundreds of EUROS/USD. An instance would be the compilation or countries at playhugelottos.Com.
For other having a bet video games, a big majority of Indians are nonetheless making a bet with neighborhood bookies, but extra currently greater are using the internet at on-line casinos and on line bookies like betway for cricket and unique sports activities sports or online on line casino games.

Kalyanmatka tips

Matka is a totally simple sport and basically is a shape of lottery. The game become based via ratanKhatri back inside the 70’s and have become popular up till the 90’s. The sport is not performed very a bargain anymore, broadly speaking in the regions of India.
No matter the playing interest which you are in, beneath are 3 best sattamatka guidelines for the general bettor or punter, whatever you might call them. Those recommendations might be referred to as punter guidelines, sattamatka or playing hints, but, in case you want to be a winner then stick with them. In case you do so then you can not only be a winner but additionally revel in gambling for a long time to come with no regrets and ache.

At The Last:

The golden rule says, constantly gamble with coins you can locate the cash for to lose and if you are in want of money then refrain from playing for a time for sattamatka world.
Generally gamble limited amount, i.e.half of the amount you could come up with the money for to chance. This way in case you don’t win then you definitely have each other threat for another day.By no means be too greedy, are grasping if you lose what you have got simply won.