Golden Nugget Leads The Way On Responsible Gaming Branding Among NJ Online Casinos


Golden Nugget is the runaway revenue leader in the New Jersey online casinos market, but that’s not the only front it’s leading on.
The online gambling site has also been singled out by the Rutgers University Center for Gambling Studies for its responsible gaming branding.

Golden Nugget leads the way

In a 2015 report on online gambling in New Jersey, Rutgers researchers recommended New Jersey sites use a uniform responsible gaming logo.
In a recently released report on 2016, Rutgers concluded:
“Only one provider – Golden Nugget – produced the logo in the required colors (both logged in and logged out) at the top of the page in a size that a patron could identify. We would urge the DGE to revisit and revise the branding requirements, using the Golden Nugget deployment as a model.”
The Rutgers report went on to point out:
“Overall, there was variation in branding across sites during this initial period… A majority of providers reduced the logo to a size that makes it impossible to read the words “Responsible Gaming” and buried the logo at the bottom of the screen amid other financial and business logos.
That still seems to be the case, although it seems that at some point since the 2016 Rutgers’ report Golden Nugget moved the logo from the top of the screen to the bottom. To its credit, Golden Nugget’s RG logo is still the only one that is easily readable.

No evidence that RG logo placement hurt business
Why the majority of online casino sites in New Jersey are avoiding prominently displaying these logos is anyone’s guess.
It certainly doesn’t seem to be having a negative effect on business. Golden Nugget has the most visible logo and is the runaway revenue leader in the market. Meanwhile, Tropicana has the least prominent RG logo and brings up the rear when it comes to revenue.
Here’s March 2018 online gambling revenue by operator:

  • Golden Nugget and subbrands: $8,655,240
  • Borgata and subbrands: $4,583,234
  • Caesars and subbrands: $4,412,034
  • Resorts and subbrands: $4,234,904
  • Tropicana and subrands: $3,694,798

Correlation doesn’t equal causation. But there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that a prominently displayed RG logo is going to cost you customers. And if it did, are those the customers you want?

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