Gamer Psychology Explained – Why Do People Play

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, so in turn, a look at gamer psychology is, taking a deeper look at the behaviour of gamers and coming to point of being able to understand the driving force behind the ways and means in which gamers tend to do things.

The most important question would be: what is it the makes the gamer want to play their favourite online slots casino game, their favourite video game, and the like?

According to Nick Yee, a behavioural scientist, there are three main components to consider that have been identified which may act as motivation for the gamer entering into gameplay mode.

The Achievement Component
Wanting to advance in any given game, while effectively adhering to the rules of engagement of the said game.

The Social Component
This component is driven by the gamers need to want to interact with others and form relative, as well as relatable connections

The Immersion Component
This is the motivator which seeks to exist and operate (by immersing themselves) within a world of fantasy and in a realm quite different to their everyday lives.

The fact that gamers also thrive on a certain level of autonomy during gameplay is also an important aspect that factors into the psyche of the game.

What is clear is that this feeling is often most sought-after, which in turn results in repeated gameplay moments, time and again.

Looking at the physical factors that gamers experience during gameplay, as well as in an overall capacity, that gamers can easily thank their gaming prowess for, the following may occur within a gamer:

their visual attention is amplified
the iconic skill level is increased
the gamer may display great visuomotor co-ords
the gamer may experience that their spatial representation is on point
When it comes to online slots game players, the psychology behind their gameplay can be linked to many other (surprising) gambling factors as well.

Gambling research has shown that the mood of the gamer may determine their predilection to gamble on any given day. That is to say, when the gamer is in a good mood, they may tend to take more risks during gameplay. This type of psychological behaviour does indeed impact on the players want to continue playing accordingly.

Another aspect, often not thought of, is the fact that many times an online slots gamer will take to superstitions and player rituals in order to affect a positive gambling outcome. The fact that gambling is random, especially that online slots casino sites will make use of a Random Number Generator to ensure fair gameplay throughout makes for interesting gameplay.

An important factor for all players to consider would be to always play at legal insitutions, as this inevitably brings peace of mind to the gamer in question, allowing for the player to rest easy knowing that they are able to enjoy their gameplay in a safe and secure environment. A great online slots casino to opt for would be the mFortune gaming site. This particular casino is on par with keeping things in line with all gambling regulations, while remaining fully compliant with all the regulatory stipulations as laid out by the UKGC.

All in all, gamers that insist on having their regular gaming desires met, will surely return to any given gaming portal, online slots gambling site or video games platform because they received great entertainment value at the said gaming portal, each and every time.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to find that, thanks to their gaming penchant, that these gamers could walk away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and altogether ready to tackle their day ahead. Gaming is surely a great way to unwind and find that zen we’re all searching for.

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